Individual Cuddle Time or Play time
$10 per 20 minute session
Daily texted pictures of your dog
$10 per day
Breath of fresh air Walk (polite walkers only)
$20 per 30 minute session
Vet Transportation for vaccines or other services
$35 per visit
CBD oil administration (for anxiety/pain)
$5 per administration

Meal Enhancers

$1.00 per meal
Shot of Goats Milk
Boosts palatability and benefit from high electrolytes, vitamins and minerals.
Shot of Bone Broth
Better digestion and added hydration, joint health support and liver support.
Nupro Powder
Enhance flavor and boost immune system.
Fresh Pet Elixir Puree
Beneficial ingredients to help digestion, joint movement and increase immunity.

Special Snacks

$5.00 per snack
Beef Marrow Bone
Long lasting chew that is packed with natural glucosamine and chondroitin.
Raw Chicken Neck
Splurge on a beneficial crunchy snack that will help clean back teeth.
Bully Stick
A classic choice to give your dog some special time away from the pack.

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