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    Service Type

    Open concept boarding means your dogs will sleep in one of our daycare rooms crate-free overnight. (space is limited)
    Standard: $55.00/ night
    Open-Concept: $70.00/ night
    ($5.00 off each additional dog per night)
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    Monday-Friday 7 am-7 pm
    Saturday and Sunday 9 am-5 pm

    If you would like to make multiple appointments, please input them in the message box below.

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    All dogs must be dropped off for grooming by 10 am.

    Additional Services
    Meal Enhancers ($1.00 per)
    Special Snacks ($5.00 per)

    Please write in the message box if you would like to make multiple appointments at once, if you have any concerns, or your dog has any health issues we need to know about during their stay.

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