Please Donate to Chain of Hope KC

I want to give a quick shout out to one of the most amazing rescue groups in Kansas City,


I am so impressed with this group of people that I am asking my personal family to not give me gifts but please make a donation to this rescue group.  This group goes to the worst of the worst neighborhoods, risking their own safety and they provide a caring voice and a caring gentle hand to the dogs in the worst conditions imaginable.  They be-friend the owners of the chained up dogs and offer a helping hand.  They offer hay, chew toys, food, a longer more friendly chain, petting, any assistance to make a chained up dog’s life better.  Always checking in on the same dogs for years to come.  They never give up on them in hopes that one day they may relinquish their dog to a better life.

Please make a donation to Chain of Hope for the holidays and give hope to those poor dogs that are forgotten.

You can log onto their website:  – Chain of Hope

Thank you and Happy Holidays from Puppy’s Playpen