Our Rates


Includes full daycare. Staffed 24 hours. 10% off boarding for seven nights or more.
Open concept boarding means your dogs will sleep in one of our daycare rooms crate-free overnight. (space is limited)
Reservations are required.

Standard Boarding
$45 per night
additional dog (standard)
$40 per night
Open Concept Boarding
$65 per night
additional dog (open concept)
$60 per night


Half day is five hours or less

full day
half day

Daycare Passes

Daycare passes never expire. Reservations are required.

10 half day pass
$140 ($14 per day)
5 day pass
$115 ($23 per day)
10 day pass
$220 ($22 per day)
20 day pass
$420 ($21 per day)
30 day pass
$600 ($20 per day)
60 day pass
$1140 ($19 per day)
90 day pass
$1620 ($18 per day)


Cuddle Time
$5 per 20 minute session
Daily Pictures
$5 per day
Breath of Fresh Air Walk (polite walkers only)
$15 per session
Vet Transportation
$25 per visit
CBD administration (for anxiety/pain)
$5 per administration

VIP Pass

Become the ultimate Puppy’s Playpen member and receive the benefits of unlimited daycare, boarding, and late pick ups until 9 pm every day. Enjoy the peace of mind and know your dog has all access benefits during our open hours. VIPs expire after the 6 or 12 month period from point of purchase.

12 Month Membership
6 Month Membership

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